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Getting Old Twice As Fast As Everyone Else

8 March 1979
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I'm a cartoonist and hospital porter from south London. Guess which one of those I'm desperate to give up?

I am an incurably grumpy individual, and often write things in my journal that are perhaps a little more abrasive than necessary... I have now and again considered that maybe I should try to be nicer when expressing my views in public, but I've come to the conclusion that it's better to just be honest.

Hopefully this won't stop me getting work in the comics industry at some point in the future. We'll see.

I'm passionate about politics, and am quite firmly on the left when it comes to pretty much any issue you can think. I'm what you might think of as an old fashioned socialist. This doesn't mean that I think Stalin was a great bloke; it means I think that higher taxes, bigger government, high rates of public spending, strict worker's rights laws and regulation of business are all a fair trade for social equality and minmal poverty. I am also a supporter of campaigners for the rights of women and racial, ethnic, and other minorities to be treated equally in our culture and our society, which should make it obvious by implication that I don't think they are treated equally at present.

I listen to a variety of different styles of music, but I'm particularly fond of heavy metal.

I play the guitar. I used to rap with a drum and bass collective. Not for very long, mind you, but I did. I still rap to myself alot, and write lyrics now and again. I write a lot of songs, with music, that you'll probably never hear. That way I can tell you they're really good but I'll never have to back it up.